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Bel Viso Body Bar


Approved Testimonials

"Dear Karen,

We received the machine and my husband and I love it. 

Thank you so much for all your help. 

Sincerely Eve Flowers"

Eve Flowers

Florida USA

"Hi Karen, Good to hear from you.

I love the machine.

It has helped me get back to a size 10 from a 16 after the birth of my son."

Antoinette K.

Sydney NSW

"Since a teenager I have been suffering from acne scarring. My skin used to be, feel and look horrible.

I'd hate going places such as shops, movies, friends etc.. without tons of make-up on.

Now I don't have to worry anymore! I've been to many other beauticians and used many other products and nothing helped.

Be sure to use what's best for your skin. I'm so happy I've found Bel Viso Body Bar!"

Cheryl - age 50

South Brisbane

"As Michelle explained to me on our 1st consultation, by removing the damaged top layers of the skin, her latest ClairDerm Crystal Micro-Dermabrasion literally helped undo the ravages of time. 

It has gently smoothed away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on my face and the superficial sun damage on my décolletage restoring its youthful glow!"

Michelle - age 29

North NSW

"Having being overweight for most of my teenage life and a smoker for 2 years, getting on the treadmill was a scary thought. I yearned to fit into normal clothes and to be more positive. 

Being a full time university student takes up much more of my time than I anticipated, but I was desperate to lose weight. 

After using the Bel Viso bodytoning & diathermy heat wraps machines for 4 months I lost 15 kilos. 

Now I feel much more confident and more motivated and even work out at the gym! 

Walking up the hill to class everyday used to make me tired and out of breath, but thanks to the Bel Viso bodytoning & diathermy heat wraps machines and the wonderful ladies at Bel Viso I am healthier and happier!"

Catrina - age 23

Gold Coast

"Before I started using the Bel Viso bodytoning machines I was out of condition, so overweight, I could no longer fit into a lot of my dresses; within two weeks I had lost nearly 7 kilos and walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

I had been trying for 5 months to reduce my weight being careful to watch my diet, to no effect. It was only after a few treatments that I noticed I was loosing weight; my clothes were no longer tight.

Now they have to be taken in HURRAY!!!"

Joyce - age 39

Gold Coast

"I am over 60 and was very unhappy with the image in my mirror. "Where did my nice firm skin go?? Was my daily question to myself.."

Then one day I was out shopping and ran into a girlfriend who I haven't seen for about a year and couldn't believe how great she looked.

Naturally I thought she must have had surgery and couldn't help but ask her what she had been doing to look so fresh and younger.

Luckily she took this as a compliment and told me how she had been having her Non-Surgical Facelift treatments with a salon called Bel Viso. I couldn't wait to get home to call and make my first appointment. 

After my first treatment I could see my skin start to come alive again and the firmness return. 

The best part of the treatment to me is that I have a jaw line again and my neck is undoubtedly smoother. I can't wait to see my friend again and thank her!"

Gay - age 60+

Gold Coast

"Coming up to my 49th birthday I was feeling and looking every bit of my age but I knew surgery was not for me and I hate needles with a vengeance so I looked for alternatives. 

Thank goodness for 'Bel Viso Body Bar' non-surgical facelift. 

From my first treatment the result is absolutely incredible, so much so I threw a big bash for my birthday and had a ball, no hiding away for me anymore. 

Now my husband wants to start his treatments, can you believe it ?!?"

Michelle - age 48

North NSW

"After giving birth to my 3rd child I desperately needed to lose the extra weight and fluid, tone up and strengthen my body but I didn't have the time or the energy to hit the gym. 

I was also feeling very self conscious of my body and wanted a more private solution. 

After just one 4 week program of 'Bel Viso Body Bar ' body toning & Cellu-Melt 5 heat body wraps I couldn't believe how good I felt and even my husband noticed how good I was looking (amazing hey!!).. 

But I am not stopping yet, this is so easy and I love it!"

Rhonda - age 33

Gold Coast

"I am a carer of an elderly lady who was seeking Body Toning to lose some 'inches' from her waist due to a sedentary period as a result of a fall.

Gwen had suffered a fracture of the left femur and was now substantially less mobile, which along with medication and advanced years caused other medical issues, the main one being nocturnal incontinence. 

After the first 6-8 sessions on the 30 pad Bel Viso Body Bar toning machine the improvement was remarkable.

Further improvements were noticed during the remaining sessions and continue today.

Her sleep pattern has stabilised, she feels better and looks happier.

By the way, Gwen has just turned 90!!"

Frank on behalf of Gwen age 90

Gold Coast

"After being overweight for so many years I made the most successful choice of my life.

After only 12 sessions with the 'Bel Viso Body Bar' body toning machine I saw my body shape drastically changing.

My confidence soared and vitality and energy levels hit an all time high. My outlook on life and future has never been more positive!!"

Frances - age 52

Gold Coast